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Безопасность, Экономичность, Комфорт, Экологичность
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A second article featuring Telma in the August/September 2013 issue...

A second article featuring Telma in the August/September 2013 issue of "Autocar&bus infos" magazine

In its August/September 2013 issue, "Autocar&Bus infos" magazine publishes a review if the Vectio T Autocar now directly distributed by Otokar Europe. The Vectio T is equipped with a Telma FV61-40 retarder that silently and efficiently ensures a peaceful journey and guarantees safety for all passengers.

By integrating the Telma retarder to its vehicles, Otokar wants to offer its clients the numerous benefits of a Telma retarder, specifically in terms of safety. Additionally, integrating the Telma retarder into these vehicles maximizes the economic advantage since it is included in the total financing amount of the vehicle.

Дата публикации 25-09-2013
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