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Новости компании Telma

Новости компании Telma

When Mobilités Magazine looks back on the year 2017, some equipment manufacturers didn’t go unnoticed. This year's trend has focused on environmental preservation, on products more compact and lighter, and on improvements of maintenances.

By reducing emissions of pollutant particules due to braking systems, Telma products particularly attracted attention.

Дата публикации 08/12/2017

Chantiers de France returns on SOLUTRANS show events: Telma was rewarded for its AF8 retarder by a jury of professionals, who appreciated various "significant innovations that improve the performance of a vehicle".

Discover the winners.


Дата публикации 06/12/2017

TELMA, invited at the microphone of Autoroute Info at Solutrans Show, explains the principle of the Telma induction brake.

How do they operate, what are the advantages, in particular environmental, what differentiate them from other technologies of secondary braking systems, discover the report.


Дата публикации 05/12/2017

Puissance 2D describes the victory of Telma: Telma won the Sustainable Development Award for its retarder of extreme, the AF8.

Designed for vehicles over 32 tons, with extreme conditions of use, it is also intended for industrial applications.

Дата публикации 05/12/2017

Telma won the sustainable development award at the Solutrans Innovation Awards, for its extreme retarder: the AF8 induction brake, whose performance increases the positive impact of Telma retarders on the environment.

The target of this product?

The AF8 is even lighter, more effective and more efficient than the other electromagnetic retarders already offered by Telma and its competitors.

The technical characteristics of the AF8 retarder strengthen the positive environmental impact generated by Telma induction brakes.

Дата публикации 01/12/2017

The Soultrans Show Edition 2017, was a great opportunity for Telma to display its products to more than 48,000 attendees.

Professionals within the road and urban transport sector have been very sensitive to the environmental and economic benefit of Telma induction brakes.

By supporting up to 85% of deceleration operations, brake pad replacements are divided by 8. This directly results in an 85% reduction in fine particulate emissions into the atmosphere in urban areas.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for the interest they have shown for our products.

Дата публикации 30/11/2017

During the Buswolrd show in Kortrijk in Belgium, Telma has once again confirmed its worldwide leadership in the global market of the induction brakes.

At the show, it was possible to discover more than 35 vehicles fitted with Telma on Telma partners’ booths.

This event was an opportunity for Telma to communicate the beneficial contribution of the use of a Telma induction brake on environmental preservation.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for the interest they have shown for our products and their many benefits.

Дата публикации 03/11/2017

Le Parisien newspaper came to meet us to discover the induction electromagnetic braking system, this "brake that does not wear out".

Without any friction or heating, Telma induction brakes are more economical but also more environmentally friendly than service brakes.

Fit the vehicles with a Telma induction brake system becomes a common sense.

Дата публикации 23/10/2017

Passion Camion Website honours the company TELMA and its induction brakes.

Telma induction brakes are perceived to be the solution against urban particles emissions, which are particularly harmful for the environment and our health.

Fit your vehicle with a Telma induction brake, besides the maintenance savings you make, is a good solution for preserving the environment.

Дата публикации 09/10/2017

During the 2017 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, the world's largest trade fair for mobile homes, Telma was represented with an AF3 model on the booth of our partner Meier Fahrzeugtechnik.

Telma induction brakes also could be seen on different booths like IVECO, Niesmann & Bischoff, Morelo, Concorde and Notin.

Many manufacturers introduce Telma as "ex-factory options" but retrofits with manufacturer approval are possible.

The integration of a Telma induction brake is an additional guarantee of serenity and comfort to drivers and passengers.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for their interest they have shown for our products.


Дата публикации 12/09/2017

BOCI (Bus Operators Confederation of India) organized an Expo "Prawaas 2017" - India International Bus & Car Travel Show, held in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. This 3 Day event attracted to the bus sector, and to the challenges ahead, opportunities and way ahead for the betterment of the sector.

More 3000 fleet operator and government operator all over India visited this show and discovered the advantages of Telma induction Brakes.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for the interest they have shown for our products. 

Дата публикации 21/08/2017

The European Sustainable Development Week is held every year from 30 May to 5 June. Its goals are to promote sustainable development, raise awareness of its issues and facilitate concrete mobilization, both individually and collectively.

It is in this respect that the website "Puissance2D, le développement durable en région", has focused on the issue of fine particles and a solution to drastically reduce them: Telma induction brakes.

This system "generates no pollution or noise nuisance, unlike brake pads", "It represents an ecological and economic solution for companies and communities wishing to contribute to the improvement of air quality".

Equip vehicles with Telma retarders, a great initiative to improve people's lives around the world.

Дата публикации 07/06/2017

In its June 2017 issue, the magazine Bus&Coach Buyer devotes an article to the FIAA 2017 Show, international trade fair of buses and coaches, which took place in Madrid.

The article describes the most important developments that could be discovered, manufacturer by manufacturer.

The manufacturer IvecoBus was widely perceived, with its Daily Tourys, which won the Minibus of the Year title. The journalist refers to some of its qualities, including the retarder Telma, which offers the advantage of being fitted at the factory.

A built-in Telma retarder enables the end-user to take advantage of its many benefits: the itineraries are made safely, giving an undeniable user comfort for a journey with serenity. Moreover, Telma retarders  can significantly limit the use of the service brakes, preventing the emission of fine particles due to braking, into the environment.

Дата публикации 06/06/2017

In its April 2017 issue, the magazine "BusToCoach" devotes an article to the new "Mobi City" model designed by the coachbuilder Indcar.

This bus is built on an Iveco Daily 70C18 Euro6 chassis equipped with a Telma LVRS600 retarder as a factory-installed option, mounted on the assembly line by Iveco.

By integrating the Telma retarder to its new vehicles, Iveco  wants to offer its customers  the numerous benefits of a Telma.

Дата публикации 04/04/2017

In its March 2017 issue, "Le Journal du Poids Lourd" magazine looks back on seven decades of Telma's know-how and innovations.

Telma has deserved a solid reputation: for 70 years, the company has been constantly innovating to meet the needs of the market and is seeking to make its technologies compatible with the electronic evolutions of vehicles.

The many advantages of Telma induction brakes meet the needs of increasingly international customers. It is for this reason that Telma is synonymous with retarder.

Дата публикации 30/03/2017

Beyond the safety and economic advantages, the environmental value of the Telma induction brakes is surprising but it seems so obvious when you think about it: "no friction, no particles, no impact on health".

As the diesel engines are becoming more and more clean, the hobbyhorse of the communities is now the harmfulness of brake pad wear.

By offering more than 250 versions of variant adapted to any type of vehicle, Telma is an essential ally in environmental clean-up.

Дата публикации 24/02/2017

In its January 2017 issue, the magazine "SOA Info" affirms that while braking vehicles, "Telma stops pollution".

A relevant title as it is known that Telma induction brakes allow to reduce by 85% the emissions of fine particles due to braking, especially in city, particularly harmful for health and the environment.

Discover the article that goes beyond their efficiency, reliability, recognized quality, confirms the undeniable interest of Telma induction brakes in the struggle against air pollution.

Дата публикации 26/01/2017

Telma company wishes you all the best for this New Year.

Дата публикации 09/01/2017

In his interview, the journalist of RGB radio talks about the environmental but also economic value of using a Telma induction brake.

In recent years, large-scale work has been achieved by manufacturers to limit particles emissions from exhaust systems. Today, in the city, it is the harmfulness of brake pads wear that worries.

The use of a Telma induction brake reduces the emissions of fine particles due to braking by 85%, which also generates a real economic interest for vehicle users because the brake pads are changed 8 to 9 times less often.

Today we may question the need of a legislation which limits emissions from braking, as it was the case with emissions from engines...

Дата публикации 04/01/2017
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